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Welcome to Yantram Sansadhanam India Inc.

Yantram Sansadhanam India Inc. is a family owned company started in 2002. We are located about 30 km south of the national capital New Delhi, India. Yantram Sansahdhanam India Inc. has now become a market leader in manufacturing and supplying field of induction heating products by putting up its pioneering efforts of introducing these equipments in a much enhanced way, with the help of a team of professionals and introduced technologies.

Yantram Sansahdhanam India Inc. is one of the few induction heating product and engineering equipment manufacturers that maintains a full-time research and development program. We design and build all of our power supplies and as a result, are able to supply our customers with the latest technology available. With our years of experience and talented team, Yantram Sansahdhanam offers reliable and versatile products covering the specific needs of each customer.

Yantram Sansahdhanam India products are mainly in five categories: MOSFET Based Induction Heating Power Supplies, IGBT Based Induction Heating Power Supplies, SCR/Thyristorised Induction Heating Power Supplies, Automated Handling Systems and Accessories. Induction heating allows the targeted heating of an applicable item for applications including surface hardening, melting, brazing and soldering and heating to fit. Iron and its alloys respond best to induction heating due to their ferromagnetic nature.

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